The First of 2020

Happy New Year Mouseketeers! New Year, SAME SILLY MOUSEKAHOSTS. 2020 brings us to Episode 20 of our podcast [see the numerology there?], and on this episode, we kick off the new with: Droids beep-booping through Galaxy’s Edge The Skyliner is falling… no wait, it’s failing (plus other transportation fails) What you can expect from this … Continue reading The First of 2020

Episode 18 4TM – Listener Discretion Advised

Hiya Mouseketeers! We are entering our “adult” years of the podcast, and what better way than to spill some adult content tea? Please note – This episode is NOT for the little Mouseketeers, as we use explicit language during a particularly passionate discussion about a very sensitive topic. We just want to remind everyone that although Disney … Continue reading Episode 18 4TM – Listener Discretion Advised