The First of 2020

Happy New Year Mouseketeers! New Year, SAME SILLY MOUSEKAHOSTS. 2020 brings us to Episode 20 of our podcast [see the numerology there?], and on this episode, we kick off the new with: Droids beep-booping through Galaxy’s Edge The Skyliner is falling… no wait, it’s failing (plus other transportation fails) What you can expect from this … Continue reading The First of 2020

Episode 18 4TM – Listener Discretion Advised

Hiya Mouseketeers! We are entering our “adult” years of the podcast, and what better way than to spill some adult content tea? Please note – This episode is NOT for the little Mouseketeers, as we use explicit language during a particularly passionate discussion about a very sensitive topic. We just want to remind everyone that although Disney … Continue reading Episode 18 4TM – Listener Discretion Advised

Disney Gore, Lore, and Lawsuits

Mouseketeers, are you ready for some Disney Gore, Disney Lore, and news on the most frightening recent lawsuits the House of Mouse is facing? Episode 11 has it all… get ready because this week, our topics include: Lore – The theory of Pixar;Gore – Real deaths at Disney that lead to urban legends;Infamous hauntings at the park; andTwo Lawsuits that will … Continue reading Disney Gore, Lore, and Lawsuits