Why You’re Doing Disney Wrong

Welcome back Mouseketeers! It’s the “Dirty 30” episode! We have gotten a lot of feedback from listeners and so many questions in our DM’s about topics you want us to cover. As we went through them we realized some of our dearest listeners are doing Disney WRONG… and we can’t have that. 

During this episode we are going to introduce you to an amazing company that is going to make you rethink how you’ve been vacationing… and in doing so we’re going to ensure that Disney doesn’t do YOU dirty when you’re planning your next great Disney escape. Cue … David’s Vacation Club!

For our 30th episode, we welcome guest host Melissa Mullett, Director of Operations for David’s Vacation Club. This family-owned and operated company is your ticket to doing Disney RIGHT! With over 16 years of dedicated service to guests, trust us when we say… you’re in good hands. We cover everything you need to know about renting DVC points in the podcast, but we’re also dropping all the information in the blog section below.

WRONG: Staying on Property for full price.
RIGHT: Staying on Property for a FRACTION of the cost.

Everyone is always asking Susanne how she can afford to travel to Disney and stay in some of the most beautiful resorts on property. The answer is so simple, RENT DVC POINTS! Yet, people are always mystified by it. Melissa walks us through the process of renting DVC points, and it starts with watching the DVC Rentals Made Simple Video. https://youtu.be/lgDEP8KUaLU

We did a cost comparison of renting DVC points through David’s versus going straight through Disney, and the cost saving was over 50%. We are talking about staying on property for over a week, saving THOUSANDS of dollars. You really cannot beat this system.

If you know when you want to go, or you are working within a specific budget, you can use their COST CALCULATOR to help plan your stay. 

WRONG: Thinking David’s ONLY does WDW DVC Rentals.
RIGHT: Calling David’s to Discuss Vacation Options!

We were blown away to discover that David’s Vacation Club also works with the Grand Californian in Disneyland, Hilton Head, Vero Beach, and Aulani in Hawaii to secure amazing deals for your vacation needs. 

Interested in cruising on the newest Disney ship, the WISH?… First, get in line, but then Call David’s Toll-Free: (800) 610-5791 and have one of their incredibly knowledgeable team members talk you through the process of renting DVC Points for cruising. Yes, you can use DVC rental points to get on a Disney cruise. Are you shook yet? Because we totally were. 

WRONG: Thinking you will pay for information.
RIGHT: David’s Team works for YOU!

David’s uses a reservation form to help you get the vacation of your dreams, when you fill out their form you can request up to 4 different resorts, and the team works to locate the options you selected and even go above and beyond to offer you with comparable solutions if the resorts you wanted were not available. There is a $133.00 partial payment (not a fee), it’s more of a credit hold, like if you went to the gas station, but it is REFUNDABLE should you not wish to book your stay with David. If you decide to move forward with renting the DVC points, that money is then moved towards the total of your stay. 

WRONG: You can’t take a spontaneous trip to Disney and use David’s.
RIGHT: Check Dedicated Reservations and Subscribe to the Newsletter for Deeply Discounted DEALS!

Unless you’re a Florida resident, or live within a few hours driving distance to Disney, being spontaneous and just deciding to take a Disney trip is likely not in the cards for you, but should you ever get a wild hair to just pack your Mickey ears and jump on a flight within the week, we urge you to check out David’s Dedicated Reservations for Rent. Here you can find some of the cheapest deals for DVC rentals that are set to expire. You can get away with staying at a resort like the Boardwalk for 3 nights at a deeply discounted rate, and if you get 8 more of your friends to play hooky, you can stay in a 2 bedroom villa which sleeps 9 for $2K. 

Often David’s sends out a newsletter with even more last minute deals, which are almost too good to pass by. You can sign up for their newsletter on their website. 

Have we blown your mind yet? We surely hope so. We really encourage you to listen to our podcast episode from the player below for even more in-depth information. We believe in David’s company and we endorse them because we have used their services, and they really are a wonderful company of truly kind and knowledgeable people who love Disney.

NOW… ON WITH THE SHOW! https://content.blubrry.com/4themouseketeers/EPISODE_30.mp3

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