Dis-TEA on Disney

February came and went and now we start March with a little madness. Susanne is far better at keeping up with the news than our podcast has been, so please follow @dismomknows on social media for daily Disney updates. We want to warn our listeners that by topic 3 of the podcast, we stop bleeping the expletive’s so WARNING – the podcast becomes NSFW around the 15-minute mark. On this episode, we are spilling Dis-TEA about:

  • Magic Bands … spoilers, they aren’t going away.
  • Flower and Garden Festival Blooming over at EPCOT (see what we did there?)
  • Wearing your mask at Disney and not being a D-bag to Cast Members
  • Touch of Disney comes to Disneyland

We derail the podcast discussing vigilante justice… which leads us to….

Very Important Information

We love our listeners so much, and we want to keep you safe. Your Mousekahosts both have backgrounds in law enforcement, and we believe in being transparent with you, our very dear listeners. When we mention that some of your favorite Disney influencers and bloggers are less than savory characters, we are telling you because we have done our homework. We aren’t taking these warnings that we share with you lightly. We have spoken to the victims, we have compiled evidence, and we are presenting these things to you in hopes that you make an informed decision about supporting these people. We respect everyone’s right to like, subscribe, and support content creators, but we urge you all to do your homework. 


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