Funko Unveils 9 Days of Reveals With New Funko Fair Map

From Bleeding Cool

Funko Fair is finally here, and that means a whole new set of Pop, Soda, and other new product reveals are right around the corner. These reveals usually take place during both London and New York Toy Fair conventions over January and February. However, times have changed, and to keep fans safe and sound this year, Funko unveils that they will have their own Toy Fair called the Funko Fair. The event kicked off today (1/19) and is expected to end on January 29th. Funko started the event with a new FUN TV episode that was packed with some amazing teases, which we will cover here. The episode did start with the unveiling of the “Funko Fair” map that showcases each day will contain a new category each day. This will consist of:

  • Day 1: Opening Day
  • Day 2: Anime
  • Day 3: Sports & Games
  • Day 4: Marvel
  • Day 5: Movies
  • Day 6: TV
  • Day 7: Animation
  • Day 8: Disney
  • Day 9: Music & DC Comics
Funko Fair Begins Today and the Release Schedule Has Been Revealed

There is a lot coming in the next couple of days, with some great categories coming to us at Funko Fair. Most of these reveals will be available for pre-order through online retailers not long after, likehere. However, keep in mind that a lot of these Funko Pop reveals are concept pieces that are waiting for license approval. This could mean that a pre-order could be stopped by the time of release, as well as a change of pre-order location. Some of these Pops will become exclusives, which will not be announced until they are expected to release at the end of the year (most likely). I am personally looking forward to seeing what is in the Marvel panel and fingers crossed for more MCU Pops for some of the Marvel Disney+ series, Eternals, and more. Stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for new reveals and teases of upcoming Pops as they are announced. What panel are you looking forward to the most?

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