From What’s On Disney+

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Disney would be making a new version of it’s Touchstone classic, “Three Men And A Baby” and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Zac Efron will starring in the film.

This new live-action movie will be coming directly to Disney+, and it’s being produced by Gordon Gray, who recently produced “The Rookie” and “The Way Back”.  With Louie Provost and Allison Erlikhman also involved in the project as executive producers.

The new remake has been written by Will Reichel, though it might have since been updated. Disney is now looking for a suitable director for the film. Filming is due to being later this year and the brief description for the remake says:

“Life for an NYC bachelor and his two single friends is hilariously turned upside down when a girlfriend dumps a baby in his lap and disappears from his life forever.”

Zac Efron shot to fame after appearing in the “High School Musical” movies for the Disney Channel and has also appeared in other films such as the Baywatch remake and more.

Both “Three Men And A Baby” and “Three Men And A Little Lady” are available now on Disney+

What do you think of Disney remaking “Three Men And A Little Lady”?

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