Walt Disney World Bus Protocols

With the parks opening this week, more information is being released, including the bus protocols. Here’s what we know so far

1) New capacity is 25 guests maximum.

2) There are 6 seating zones on the buses. If a zone is occupied by one person it is considered filled.

3) Seating order is at the bus drivers discretion. Most drivers will board through the front door and seat from the rear of the bus forward.

4) At the load zones the bus driver will assign groups a zone to sit in based on the number of guests in a party. A party is considered at least one person. Larger groups (more than 5) will occupy multiple zones

5) Unloading will be through the front and back doors.

6) Guests needing assistance will be boarded through the rear door.

7) Scooters/wheelchairs are limited to one per bus unless there are two people traveling together in the same party. The limit of guests in the party with the guests needing assistance is still 6.

8) There will be no standing on the buses.

9) Mask must be worn to board the bus and remain on at all times.

10) Buses will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day for the driver and guests safety.

11) If you have questions feel free to ask your driver

Here are some pictures we’ve seen so far.

With these safety measures in place, will you feel safe enough to visit Walt Disney World?

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