Furloughed Disney employee’s home destroyed during tornado

From WESH 2

Central Florida had multiple tornado warnings throughout the weekend. Fortunately, no one was hurt but several neighborhoods were hit hard by the storms. 

“I was in the sewing room when the second half collapsed,” Lynne Cardinal told WESH 2 News after her roof caved in.

Cardinal, a furloughed Disney employee, said it was disheartening. 

“So with all of this and having no money and losing half of what I own — owned. It’s awful, it’s devastating,” Cardinal said.

The EF1 tornado blasted by her house on Ferncreek Avenue with such force that it peeled the roof like the top of a can.

Cardinal said when the roof came off the kitchen area, water came pouring in from the microwave. 

The ceiling in just about every room is a crumbled mess, collapsed on the floor. Her house, unfortunately, is destroyed.

When asked where she is going to live, Cardinal replied: “I don’t know. That’s the question of the day.”

Cardinal is not alone when it comes to the devastation of last weekend’s storms. 

A Conway area neighborhood was peppered with blue tarps. Crews were busy taking down a tree that almost took out the bathroom at Jonela’s home.

She said she was in the shower when the tornado hit.

“That’s when I opened the shower door and when I opened it and I looked up and there was a tree limb coming through my ceiling,” she said. 

On Sunday, neighbors, as well as complete strangers, helped Cardinal salvage what she could from her house, even bringing food and water. 

More neighbors came Monday to help her collect pieces of her life so Cardinal can piece her life back together.

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