Highway In the Sky Dine Around

One of the biggest aspects to my Disney vacations is food. I love to eat, love to try new things, and love to test out new restaurants and food experiences. What can I say? This girl loves her food! When I learned about a different foodie-like experience at Walt Disney World, I had to book it, and let me tell you, it was SO worth it. 

Most people have not heard of the Highway in the Sky Dine Around before, so let me start by explaining what it is. It’s a progressive dinner that takes place at the three resorts located on the monorail loop. At each resort, you get to experience a different course of the meal for a total of five courses. It truly is an experience unlike any other. 

Our journey started at The Wave Lounge where we met our fellow diners and guides for the evening. We were given a button and lanyard so we were easy to identify as those on the tour and the guide explained what to expect and how the evening would unfold. On this tour, for lack of a better word, there was a reserved monorail car for those in attendance, we had quick access through security to stick to our allotted time, and we had reserved seating at each of the locations we would visit. Perfection! And then, it was time to eat (and drink)!

Highway In the Sky lanyard

To kick the evening off, we started with a Discovery Island Fizz cocktail and tomato bisque. The drink is made up of Hendrick’s Gin, St. Germain, lime juice, cranberry juice, and garnished with cucumber and a sprig of thyme. I’m not a huge fan of gin, but this cocktail was very enjoyable, and I’ve added it to my list of must-have drinks at Disney World. The tomato bisque was creamy, sweet, and a delightful accompaniment to the drink. We were given plenty of time to enjoy both, given a 5-minute countdown until departure, and then we were off to the Polynesian for our next course.

The Wave Lounge starter course

Now, I mentioned earlier that we had quick security access and a reserved monorail, which may not seem like a huge deal, but it is a HUGE deal! From The Wave, we went up the escalators, walked up to security, did a quick walkthrough, up another escalator, and there was a monorail waiting for us! We hopped right on and went on our way!

We arrived at Polynesian Village and had a special seating area right inside the door and each seat was adorned with a lei. We were greeted by a hotel representative, who explained our course and cocktail, and we were served as we enjoyed a live ukulele show! The signature cocktail was a Mai Tai, a rum drink mixed with pineapple and orange juice, and it was so yummy! Our appetizer course consisted of three small bites of white fish over edamame, beef filet over mashed potatoes, and tuna poke with a prawn chip. Needless to say, I cleaned my plate! So, so good! We were again given a 5-minute countdown to use the restroom, take pictures, etc. and then we moved on to the next spot!

A short monorail ride later, we arrived at the Grand Floridian, the epitome of decadence when it comes to Walt Disney World. We gathered at the entrance to Citricos and again were greeted by a hotel representative who explained the meal. For this main course, we were served wine (red or white, your choice) alongside Florida Red Snapper and red wine braised beef short ribs, both of which were exceptional. At this point, we had met other guests along on the journey with us, all of whom shared our love of Disney. It was nice to have so much in common with people you just met and it did make the experience that much better!

After filling our bellies, we were escorted downstairs to The Garden View Lounge, located at the back of the Grand Floridian, for the cheese course which is served with champagne. Everything was so delicious, especially the honeycomb and champagne! At this stop, we were seated with our own party but were still able to chat with our new friends. The champagne and conversation flowed equally! We really had fun! It’s a small, intimate group that comes together over food and Disney. I think we only had 26 or so in our entire group!

Now, you’d think that was enough, but not on this tour! We have one more very important stop to make! Back onto our reserved monorail car and back to the Contemporary we went. From the monorail, we were taken to a private patio to enjoy dessert, cordials, and coffee. This patio is an exclusive location where we were able to enjoy a different view of Happily Ever After, the nighttime fireworks and light show. The music is streamed in, the monorail goes right above you, you’re eating delicious desserts, and there are magnificent fireworks. What a finale to our already amazing evening!

Now for the details. This event is typically done Monday – Thursday only. As with all things, times and dates are subject to change, as are food selections (allergies are considered if applicable). The cost is $170 per person plus tax, but gratuity is included. Guests must be 21 to partake in the alcohol beverages, but guests over 12 are ok to attend. Personally, I would consider this an ‘adult’ event and find a sitter for the kids. Guests are asked to adhere to the minimum dress code requirements (think khakis, slacks for men and dresses, skirts, and capris for women – nothing holey or offensive). Reservations are highly recommended and can be made here.

If you are a foodie like me or just enjoy seeing a different side of Disney, I can not say enough about this event. Seriously, it was beyond what I expected it to be, and I would love to do it again at a different time of year for a different experience. If you’d like to follow along on the tour, check out my friends over at Cloe and Dan for a vlog on the tour. They were in our group and we have followed each other on social media since! See, Disney does bring people together! Happy eating y’all!

Our monorail ride between Grand Floridian and Contemporary

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