Email to Passholders

Disney reaches out to Annual Passholders this afternoon with a heartfelt message. The message comes on the heels of news that Iger is back at the helm to guide the company through this worldwide pandemic. What did you think of the email?

Dear Annual Passholder,

As some of our biggest fans and most loyal Guests, we just wanted to say thank you. For being part of our world. For being there for each other. And for staying strong during this unprecedented time.

Together, we’ve laughed, sang and celebrated…screamed, ooh-ed and ahh-ed. We’ve traveled the world, journeyed under the sea and adventured to a galaxy far, far away. And boy are we far from done.

Rest assured the Disney magic is here to stay and, when the time is right, it will be here waiting for you once again. And it’ll carry more meaning than it ever has before.

So until we can welcome you back to your happy place, stay home, be safe and keep dreaming.


Your Walt Disney Word Resort Family

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