Cast Member Letter

I saw this in one of the Disney groups I’m in and felt compelled to share. It truly touched me. I hope you feel the same. I’m not sure who penned the letter but will give credit if I find out. To the Cast Members, I am thinking about you! My heart breaks for the unknown you are now facing and I can’t wait to shower you all with love on my next trip, whenever that may be. As a Disney fan, we are here for you! 💙

An open letter from a Disney Cast Member…

To my fellow Resort CM’s..

We woke up today to the news that, come Friday, we won’t have a job to report to for the foreseeable future. For the first time in history, all Disney everything will be shut down. That in itself is terrifying. It’s uncertain. It’s something that’s never happened before. We had a vague idea this was coming, but that doesn’t lessen the blow. We cannot give in to the fear and panic. This is good. It’s safe. We’re going to be okay. Your thoughts and fears and feelings about this are ABSOLUTELY valid, it’s an emotional time right now with a lot of confusion, but closing is making it possible for us to stay ahead of this and informed and stay healthy as long as we listen to our medical professionals. This is all precautionary and rules need to be put in place to avoid a larger scale problem.

With that being said, we still have a job to do this week. Our numbers are small, but our guests are still important. We can create the magic that the parks can’t right now. We can help these guests by greeting them with smiles, answering their questions with facts and truth, showing our smaller guests that there is still love and magic and compassion and humanity even in the darkest times. We can help guide our guests through this scary and confusing time because they are JUST as scared and confused as we are. This is a new territory for our state, our country, our world. Love them safely, but love them hard. No one knows what to do, but we are learning together. We’ve got this because we don’t have another choice. If there is anything you need that I can help with, please reach out. 🤟🏻

To our guests,

We. Still. Love. You. We are heartbroken that this has to happen and we are SO sorry that it happened on your vacation. Be patient with us over the next week. We have a LOT of magic in us, but we are still human and we feel your sadness and confusion and anger at this situation. We understand. As we navigate over the next few weeks, please know that we cannot WAIT until we get back to creating the magic for you again, but right now, Disney’s biggest concern is keeping us all safe so that day can come sooner rather than later. We value you. We miss you. Our jobs wouldn’t exist without you. Until we can see you again, I’d love to hear your favorite Disney stories, see your castle pictures, hear what movies you’re watching on Disney+, etc… during this period of Social Distancing. The closing of Disney isn’t permanent, and we will See Ya Real Soon. ❤️

A Cast Member who already misses you.

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