Disney Waives Fees

From Orlando Sentinel

Disney is temporarily waiving $50 change fees to allow visitors to postpone their trips to Disney World and Disneyland until later this year.

The company’s policy update Thursday comes as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis warned mass gatherings in the state should be postponed.

Disney is not waiving cancellation fees, only rescheduling for a later date in 2020, Disney’s website said.

Disney’s policy change is only for people who booked their packages directly through Disney or with Disney’s network travel agents. It does not apply to vacations booked through third parties, such as Expedia. The website also lists other exceptions, such as if the trips were made for groups or for meetings.

The theme parks have taken precautionary measures in recent days such as reminding employees to wash their hands and putting out complimentary hand sanitizers for visitors to use.

However, investors believe Disney will take the extreme step of eventually closing its theme parks as the coronavirus has become a pandemic and sporting events and concerts across the country have been abruptly canceled. Disney’s operating hours are currently normal.

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