The Human Trap Laid By A Mouse

From the Monorail WINDOWWWSSS to the EPCOT WAALLLLSSS… ’til the sweat pours down my *RECORD SCRATCH*…. 
Welcome Back Mouseketeers! Episode 23 is here, so sit back, relax and let’s dive in to our 4 topics for this week:

  • Bob for Bob – Bob Iger bids the mouse adieu, and we welcome Bob Chapek as Disney’s new CEO. 
    • Plus our conspiracy theory on why Iger stepped down
  • How to close down a festival amid a marathon weekend.
    • So many lessons learned, plus how a human trap was laid by a mouse at EPCOT
  • The rising cost of annual passes and tickets at Walt Disney World
    • Will you renew or visit? We ask the tough questions and weigh out the options.
  • Flower and Garden Announcements
    • A full run down of the bands participating in the Garden Rocks Concerts coming to EPCOT.

NOW ON WITH THE SHOW! You can listen here.

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