All Good Things Must Come to an End

Hello Mouseketeers. Yes, All good things must end – like the month of January. So here we are in February, and we find ourselves at Episode 21 [HUZZAH – LEGAL DRINKING AGE]. So pour yourself a drink, and be ready to pour one out for some Disney homies that we are about to lose. On this episode we talk about:

  • Shanghai Disney’s closure for the foreseeable future due to the fatal Coronavirus // Hong Kong Disney has also been affected
    • Pour out a bit of your Corona Beer for that news
  • The Pirate League is closing at Magic Kingdom
    • The Last Day for this magical experience is July 27th – Pour out your Rum – now why is the rum gone?
  • Big Blue Pool at Art of Animation Resort loses underwater Finding Nemo voices
    • Pour out some of your drink for our PIXAR pals leaving the Big Blue
  • Cold Weather Closures at WDW
    • Repack your swim trunks and flippy floppies – Florida’s cold weather snap ruins Water Park fun.

We also cover:

  • Nine Lives Lost – the tragic passing of DVC holders in the Kobe Bryant Crash
  • What EPCOT Pavilions Susanne has never gone in
  • The cult classic margarita you should actually skip in the Mexico Pavilion
  • Where are the Magic Kingdom Trains now? 

NOW ON WITH THE SHOW! Give it a listen here.

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