Behind-The-Scenes of the Disneyland Paris ‘Frozen’ Collection

Disneyland Paris has such good merchandise! I seriously had to buy an extra suitcase just to get home! Seeing this line that Disney Parks Blog shared has me really wanting to go back. I think I’ll wait until the land opens though!

It’s always a flurry of excitement when our Disneyland Paris designers work on a new collection, and the new “Frozen” merchandise line is certainly one worth melting for!

Here at the resort, our team lends their expertise to design many exclusive souvenir and lifestyle items each year so that guests can bring the magic home with them. Disneyland Paris has even created its own brand – the Disneyland Paris Collection – with fashion and lifestyle items featuring iconic characters from the world of Disney. This autumn, that collection is inspired by (you guessed it!) the beloved Snow Queen, Elsa.

Disneyland Paris 'Frozen' Collection

At Disneyland Paris, guests will find a series of exclusive designs on cloaks, gloves, jumpers, T-shirts, crop-tops, and skirts. There is also a series of accessories so that fans can extend the adventure of the films with a whole range of stylish items. You can find this original collection at the Disney Fashion store in Disney Village or online at

Take a look below for a peek behind the magic with one of the collection’s designers, Marylene.

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