Star Wars Supreme

Welcome Back Mouseketeers. This episode is SUMO sized. We definitely deviated from our standard 4 topics under 40 minutes, but we covered so much in practically half the time. For your listening pleasure, Episode 17’s original agenda covers:

  • The great Fuel Rod Debate
  • Susanne’s reaction to the official Star Wars Trailer (and Erika’s breakdown)
  • Batuu’s reinstated immersive food menu complete with the original names
  • Flipping Seasons at Walt Disney World (spoilers)

Now, what you will really hear on the podcast:

  • Susanne’s recommendation on how to get over being a litigious loser
  • Erika sobbing uncontrollably over Star Wars, her experience meeting Carrie Fisher, and her love of robots, which leads to more crying
  • A 2-minute update on Batuu’s food
  • Erika hating on Frozen and Susanne fangirling over Idina Menzel, but calling out Kristen Bell (SCANDALOUS)
  • Erika sharing the name of Chewbacca’s porg friend – (Spoiler: His name is Terbus)
  • A new debate on what’s cuter – a Porg or an Ewok? (share your thoughts!)
  • Erika goes back to crying over robots

As you can tell Mouseketeers, this episode was all over the place, but we love having you join us for these conversations. Sometimes you just have to let loose and be yourself, and we hope you have been enjoying our podcast and all the random and silly thoughts we bring out about the Happiest Place on Earth.


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