Frozen-Inspired Pumpkins

I told you today was all about Frozen! Frozen 2 is coming out November 22nd and I’ll admit that I’m excited! I loved the first one so I can’t wait to see what Disney animators have done to continue the story. In honor of Frozen 2, here are some gorgeous Frozen-inspired pumpkins perfect for your little princess!

A Pumpkin and a Princess came up with this design and I am blown away. It’s simple yet elegant and so easy to do!

Disney Rewards shared this one, which is equally beautiful an easy DIY!

This adorable Olaf pumpkin idea from Yesterday On Tuesday is sure to give you summer vibes!

Sisters have a certain bond, and these Anna and Elsa pumpkins from Housewife Eclectic are the perfect pair!

If you are looking for the traditional pumpkin carving stencil, here are the stars of Frozen 2 from 4 The Love Of Family.

If you try one of these designs, please post pictures for me! I’d love to see what you come up with. Have a Happy Halloween!

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