Disney Parks Pricing Around the World

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to go to another Disney Park, maybe in Shanghai or Paris? Well, the OC Register just took a look at all of the pricing for the parks around the world and it’s very interesting. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Disney ticket prices vary widely around the world, with some theme parks allowing access for as little as $40 and others charging as much as $159 for a single day’s admission.

Disney has six theme park resorts around the world — in California, Florida, Tokyo, France, Hong Kong and China — and each location has a different ticketing strategy.

Some Disney parks employ variable date-based pricing that charges more on busy days and less at slower times to help distribute attendance throughout the year. Others still take a one-price-fits-all approach. Each park offers discounts for multi-day tickets. Disney resorts with more than one theme park charge a premium for park-hopping access.

Let’s take a closer look at the cost of admission at every Disney theme park in the world, ranked from most to least expensive. We will keep things simple by focusing on one-day, one-park adult ticket prices at each location.

6) Walt Disney World resort — $109 to $159

The most expensive tickets at any Disney park in the world can be found at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida. The 47-square mile resort is home to four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Disney World uses a complex date-based ticketing system with at least nine variable prices throughout the year ranging from a low of $109 to a high of $159.

Adult admission was $3.50 when the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, or just under $22 in today’s dollars.

Guests take a selfie on Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland in Anaheim. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

5) Disneyland resort — $104 to $149

Tickets for the original Disney theme park in California are only slightly below their Florida counterparts.

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure break their date-based pricing structure into three tiers: Value ($104), Regular ($129) and Peak ($149).

Date-based pricing reflects demand, distributes attendance throughout the year and helps maintain a great guest experience, Disney officials said.

Disneyland admission cost $2.50 in 1955 for an adult “Deluxe 15” ticket book that included admission to the park and 15 attractions.

Visitors stroll through Hong Kong Disneyland. (Photo by Lam Yik Fei, Getty Images)

4) Hong Kong Disneyland — $82

There is only one theme park in Hong Kong and the pricing strategy is as simple as it gets.

Hong Kong Disneyland’s standard one-day ticket costs $82.

By comparison, Disneyland’s ticket prices were last at that level in 2011.

The grounds around Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris in Marne-La-Vallee, east of the French capital. (Photo by Bertrand Guay, Getty Images)

3) Disneyland Paris resort — $68 to $105

The French resort outside Paris is home to two theme parks: Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park.

Much like the California parks, Disney breaks the pricing structure at the parks in France into three tiers: Mini ($68), Magic ($90) and Super Magic ($105).

By comparison, Disneyland tickets cost $69 in 2008.

Visitors to Shanghai Disneyland fill up Mickey Avenue with The Enchanted Storybook Castle in the background. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

2) Shanghai Disneyland — $56 to $94

The newest Disney theme park is also one of the most affordable. In fact, it could be the least expensive Disney park, depending on your definition of a one-day ticket.

Shanghai Disneyland also breaks its ticket prices into three tiers: Regular ($56), Peak ($81) and Peak Holiday ($94).

By comparison, Disneyland’s ticket prices were $56 in 2005.

From left, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Horace Horsecollar, all clad in Japan’s traditional kimono, entertain visitors at Tokyo Disneyland. (Photo by Koji Sasahara, The Associated Press)

1) Tokyo Disney resort — $40 to $70

The least expensive Disney theme parks come with a bit of an asterisk. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea offer a ticket pricing strategy unique to the Japanese parks.

While the Tokyo parks don’t use date-based pricing like some other Disney parks, they do offer variable pricing based on what time of day you enter the parks.

A one-day, one-park ticket at the Tokyo Disney resort costs $70. In a unique twist, the Japanese parks also offer a $51 Starlight ticket for visitors arriving after 3 p.m. and a $40 evening ticket for those showing up after 6 p.m.

What’s the least expensive Disney theme park in the world? Some parks offer tickets as low as $40 – Orange County Register

That asterisk means the $70 one-day, one-park ticket at the Tokyo Disney resort would be more expensive than the lowest-priced $56 regular ticket at Shanghai Disneyland and the $68 Mini ticket at the Disneyland Paris resort.

But that same $70 every-day-of-the-year ticket at the Tokyo parks still remains lower than the mid- and upper-tiers at the variably-priced Disney parks in France and China.

The $40 evening and $51 Starlight tickets are less expensive than any other Disney theme park ticket but do not offer a full day’s admission.

By comparison, the last time Disneyland ticket prices were below $40 was in 1999.

All prices are based on the rates posted to the individual Disney theme park websites and were converted to the nearest U.S. dollar from the local currency.

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