The HHN Experience

Mickey, I don’t think we’re in Disney anymore. Hold on to your little Pluto’s my pretties, because this episode of the podcast takes my guest Mousekahost, Diandra Sosa, and I to the “OTHER” park… you know, the one with the Haunted Houses, Scare Zones, and lots of booze.

Join us as we give you our review of Halloween Horror Nights 29. You’ll hear all about:

  • HHN’s Foodie Paradise – Pizza Fries, Pumpkin Donuts, and a Hidden Street Taco Truck just for starters
  • Scare Zones – the good, the bad, the ugly; and why does this area smell like vomit?
  • House Reviews and special HHN Exclusive Entertainment – your intro to AOV.
  • Getting the best bang for your buck while attending Horror Nights.


“AOV” goes back to its darkest roots, and I am LIVING FOR IT, even though I was a bonafide dead girl walking around HHN. Here is a link to the full Academy of Villians show called Altered States. Thank you to Thrill Geek for posting the full show.

P.S. – Mucho is the Doctor’s Buddy in the video. I couldn’t find a good photo of him online so that you could all see who we were fangirling over, but trust us when we say – HE’S FREAKIN’ AMAZING

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