WDW Launches New Site For Plant-Based Cuisine

I told you last week that Walt Disney World was launching a whole new plant-based menu across the park. Today, we learned that they have a new section of their website dedicated to just that!

On the site, you can find all of the resources you need to plan your dining adventure at Walt Disney World. There are links to each park, Disney Springs, Boardwalk, the water parks, and the resorts! When you click on each section, it will give you a breakdown of restaurant and menu options to fit your plant-based diet needs!

One way Disney is helping guests to identify plant-based options is with a new icon! The green leaf you see in the picture below will indicate a plant-based dish on both menus and snack kiosks.

As a person with vegan parents, I know how accommodating Disney is when it comes to dietary requests, but this new site and all of the offerings is wonderful and so helpful when it comes to making ADR (advanced dining reservations) at Walt Disney World. You can find the full listing here on Walt Disney Worlds website!

Are you excited to try these new foods?

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