New Stroller and Wheelchair Policy At Walt Disney World

With very little notice, Walt Disney World has changed their policy regarding stroller, wheelchair, and EVC (electric conveyance vehicles) rentals much to the dismay of many guests. The new policy went into effect October 1, 2019 and drastically changed the manor in which guests can receive their rented equipment. Below is the information directly from the Walt Disney World website. You can read the full policy here.

The new policy also names ScooterBug, a private mobility rental company in the Central Florida area, as the featured provider to offer wheelchair, stroller, and ECV rentals at Walt Disney World. As you can see, if renting from ScooterBug, guests will not have to be present for the delivery, but if renting from a third-party vendor, guests will need to meet the vendor and receive their delivery. Bell Services will no longer accept deliveries from outside vendors and hold them until the guest arrives.

One of the biggest challenges for some is that ScooterBug doesn’t provide some medically necessary equipment that some guests require. For example, they do not offer a shower wheelchair or other specialty equipment that other vendors had previously provided to guests staying on property. The other challenge is the inconvenience to guests that now have to wait to have their equipment delivered, taking away from their vacation and family time.

What are your thoughts on this policy change?

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