Disney Gore, Lore, and Lawsuits

Mouseketeers, are you ready for some Disney Gore, Disney Lore, and news on the most frightening recent lawsuits the House of Mouse is facing? Episode 11 has it all… get ready because this week, our topics include:

  • Lore – The theory of Pixar;
  • Gore – Real deaths at Disney that lead to urban legends;
  • Infamous hauntings at the park; and
  • Two Lawsuits that will send chills down your spine.

We referenced the following information on this show, and as promised – here is the link exploring how all Pixar moves actually exist in the same universe. Check out THE PIXAR THEORY.

The Ghost Boy in the Doombuggy

Is the Haunted Mansion actually HAUNTED? This photo has been circulating on social media for quite some time, but it has become an urban legend leading mansion fanatics to believe their beloved ride already has the 1000th Happy Haunt.


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