Want To Rent the ‘Jersey Shore’ House? Now You Can!

The house made famous by Snooki, JWoww, The Situation, DJ Pauly D, and Vinny from MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ is now available to rent. Located in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, can give you a unique and very authentic New Jersey shore experience!

For around $3,000 a night, you can enjoy the wood-paneled walls and famous duck phone all to yourself. The house features six bedrooms and can accommodate up to eleven people. Enjoy a lovely Sunday dinner in the same place as the stars of the show. Hang out on the sun deck and get in a workout. Here are some pictures that may look very familiar.

By the way, you do have to bring your own sheets and towels. You may want to bring a rubber mattress cover too!

Jersey Shore house
You can stay in the house that was featured in MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”Booking.com
Lounge with your friends in the same room Snooki and crew hung out.Booking.com
Make everyone jealous about your trip by calling and telling them about it on the famous duck phone.Booking.com
Italian for dinner?Booking.com
Enjoy your Sunday dinner right here.Booking.com
Round the crew up so you can all be together in the living room.Booking.com

Would you book a stay here?

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