Disney Parks Mom Applications Open Today

If you have been anxiously awaiting the Disney Parks Mom Panel Search 2020 applications to open up, today is your day! The time is now! Applications open at noon and the first round closes at noon on September 12, 2019.

I apply every year in hopes I’ll make it. It never happens but I don’t let that discourage me. I’ll keep trying. While doing a Google search on tips and tricks to apply, I ran across a blog written by a ’10-time application reject’ and decided to give it a read. Everything she said is 100% true, so if you don’t make the cut, don’t get discouraged! My Small World laid it out in the best possible way and I’m going to share her story and tips with you. Make sure you check out her page!


Invest your heart and soul in the part that matters – the application. Investing them in the process is an emotional roller coaster that is exhausting.

I stayed away from the Disney Moms Panel discussions for the first five years I applied for the Disney Parks Moms Panel.

The solo experience was lonely, but so was the disappointment. I didn’t have to deal with other people’s happy announcements or all the messages asking me if I had advanced to the next round.

I wish I could say the same for the last five years I applied.

Honestly, if I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t tell a single soul I applied, and I would stay clear of all the Facebook groups.

Let’s face it. Disney people are a little crazy. Maybe a lot crazy. That’s why they are applying.

But dealing with that crazy every day for weeks and months is exhausting. And people tend to do dumb things online that are ruining their chance of Disney ever choosing them. (Learn 7 Important Social Media Tips for Disney Moms Panel Hopefuls)

It can also do a real number on your self-esteem and completely dominate your life.

You find yourself stalking the Facebook Groups for updates.

It hurts to see people announce they made the next round when Disney rejected you.

But it hurts, even more, to see your friends advance and leave you behind.

My advice: your emotional energy for your application. Don’t waste it getting emotionally involved with people on the interwebs.


During my 10-years applying, I was rejected at least once at every round.

Yes, Disney once rejected me at the final round.

A Round One rejection stings, but I figure it is little more than dumb luck to get past that round.

With thousands of people applying, you are lucky if someone looks at your application for more than a minute.

You could end up in the reject pile simply because the person was hungry, needed to pee, or was about to leave work for the day.

A Round Two rejection sucks.

So they looked at you on video and then rejected you. Ouch!

But a Round Three rejection?

You feel like a complete loser and total failure.

I did a lot of wallowing in self-pity.

Being rejected after the final round of the Disney Parks Moms Panel is devastating. Ugly tears were shed.

My emotional roller coaster went off the track and down into a bottomless pit.

I felt like I had let myself down. But worse, I had let down my community of Disney friends.

Dozens of well-meaning friends sent me messages saying they were shocked and couldn’t believe I didn’t make it.

I cried big ugly tears for days. I couldn’t blog for months. I didn’t want to have anything to do with Disney. I didn’t want to socialize with Disney people, plan other people’s trips, or even plan my own.

Yep! That’s how seriously devastating a Disney Moms Panel rejection can feel.

So, if Disney rejects you at round one or two, consider it a blessing in disguise. Not making it out of round one stings, but being rejected at the final round is DEVASTATING.


Most likely it wasn’t that small grammar or nomenclature mistake that kept you from getting on the Moms Panel, so stop beating yourself up. I once advanced to the next round when there was a glaring error in my response (the wrong number of days in advance to book a FastPass).

Disney knows who they want on the panel before you even apply.

Not “who” as in they want a specific person, but “who” as in what type of person. The people need to fit into the broader marketing plan for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Look at the past panels and you can tell Disney looks for specific characteristics to fill a spot – The young mom with a toddler, the older mom with a tween or teen, the grandma, the dad, the mom with a special needs child, the athletic mom, the Northeast Mom, the mom of color, the camera-ready mom, etc.

I would bet my Mickey dollars that the 2019 panel will include a member who is a crazy Star Wars fan since the new Star Wars Lands will be opening during 2019.

Each year it is a puzzle, and they are looking for people that are the exact fit to fill it in.

The Disney Parks Moms Panel application process is like a puzzle. Are you the missing piece they want?

If you don’t fit into that puzzle, you aren’t getting on the panel. It doesn’t matter how fabulous you are.



Without fail, every year an applicant posts on social media “I love Disney more than any of my friends. I’m always planning their vacations. I don’t know why Disney didn’t choose me.”

Don’t be that person.

Because you aren’t all that.

You are LITERALLY the same as every other person applying for the Moms Panel.

They are ALL the Disney freak in our circle of friends that plan everyone’s Disney trips.

Your fellow applicants also have: gone on every ride, stayed at every resort, eaten at every restaurant, have a room in our house decorated in Disney, own three dozen pairs of mouse ears, named our pets Mickey or Daisy, have a daughter named Belle, have a personalized Disneyfied licence plate, or any other thing you can come up with.

They are ALL that crazy Disney person. That’s they we are applying for the Moms Panel.


An Orlando friend once said to me, “Disney has a way of getting people to do things for them for free.”

That’s the Disney Parks Moms Panel in a nutshell.

Disney uses the Moms Panel to field thousands of questions a year and “pays” the person in the form of prestige and a family vacation for four.

A vacation only during certain (non-busy) times of the year.

Compensation includes park tickets, but the chances are high you already have a Disney annual pass.

Have a family over four people? Well, then you have to pay for those extra people.

And how about the amount of time it takes to research and respond to those questions.

I once did the math, and you would be far better off working at McDonald’s the same number of hours and paying for the trip yourself.

The prestige factor is significant. Not many people can say they work for Disney or are on the Moms Panel.

But know that that prestige comes with a lot more work than you expect.

Because seriously. Who else would apply for a job that requires a lot of work for minimal compensation?


A favorite quote among the Moms Panel Hopefuls crowd is

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
~Walt Disney

That’s just crap. Yeah, I said that.

Just dreaming about something doesn’t make it happen. You have to do that pursuing part too.

But here’s the thing. Working hard to achieve your dream only works if YOU can affect the outcome.

There is only so much you can do with 100-words max answers and thousands of people applying for the same position.

So if you decide not to apply, don’t feel bad.

You aren’t any less a Disney fan.

You are just a smart one who knows their odds.

Sorry, but your odds of being chosen for the Disney Moms Panel are slim.

Best of luck to everyone applying for the 2019 Disney Parks Moms Panel. Let yourself shine through in your application.

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