How to Pre-order Disney+ For Less than $4 a Month

I, for one, can’t wait for the new Disney+ streaming service to launch. Over the weekend, I watched jealously as so many that attended the D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA get to sign up for a discounted rate. Now, D23 Members can now get this discounted rate themselves! Thanks to for all of the details!

Disney Plus is set to officially launch in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands on November 12th; however, the company is currently allowing members of its D23 fan club, which anyone can join as a general member for free, to preorder the service at a pretty significant discount.

Now until September 2nd, Disney is offering a “Founder’s Circle” deal for the streaming service that cuts $23 off its annual price, making it cost just $3.92 a month. The catch? You have to sign up for three years of the service at once, which comes out to $140.97.

That said, if it’s something you anticipating wanting to have, then that’s a pretty significant discount. When it launches, the service will cost $7 a month.

Disney originally made the deal only available to paid members this weekend at the D23 conference, but it’s now available for everyone through the weekend. To get the deal, you’ll need to sign up to be a member, and then wait for the offer to appear in your account. 

If you’re already a D23 member, then it should be there already. If you sign up now, Disney says “it may take up to 36 hours for the offer link to appear in your D23 account page.”

Disney will also email you a link to redeem the offer when it’s available for you.

Worth noting: Many people seem to be taking advantage of this deal right now, so the D23 site is insanely slow. If you’re having trouble getting the site to load, perhaps set a reminder to give it a try later tonight when the traffic has potentially slowed down.

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