13 Hours On It’s A Small World

For some, one ride through the Disney attraction ‘It’s a Small World’ is enough. The song gets stuck in your head for hours after you get off the ride. Imagine riding it for 13 hours straight! One group is going to make it happen, all for a great cause.

Jo Lea Hearn is a campaign services manager for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and every year she campaigns to raise money to help find the cure for blood cancers. This year, she’s making it a magical mission. Hearn, along with 19 other members of the LLS North & Central Florida Chapter will ride ‘It’s a Small World’ in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom from park open to park close. 13 straight hours. They will only stop for restroom breaks and to eat.

Photo: Click Orlando

I enjoy the ride, but I’m not sure about riding it that many times in a row. Hearn said she and her teammates will occupy themselves in other ways like playing games. They will also livestream parts of the day on their facebook page. Hearn admits that “It will be mentally challenging.”

The original goal was to raise $25,000, which was quickly surpassed. The group now has increased the goal to $33,000. To monitor the fundraising progress and to learn more about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, visit the organization’s Facebook page or website.

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