First Look at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds New Barn

We love camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. It’s one of the best campgrounds we’ve ever been to. Although you are at Walt Disney World, you feel like you are worlds away at the campground, surrounded by trees, lakes, and horses. As Disney continues to evolve, changes are now being made to the existing barn and petting farm that is currently at the campground

According to Disney Parks Blog, the residents of the Pony Farm and Tri-Circle-D Ranch are getting a beautiful new barn which will offer a “modern stable and updated outdoor spaces and facilities for ‘The Happiest Horses on Earth.'” They go on to say that “The new ranch will maintain the history and spirit of the original Tri-Circle-D, welcoming guests to explore exhibits of classic Disney equestrian artifacts, some of which date back to the 1950’s!”

Photo: Disney Parks Blog

In order to get the new area built, the Draft Horse Barn and Pony Farm will be temporarily closes to guests starting August 19, 2019. Guests will be able to enjoy pony rides and the trail rides and carriage rides will continue as normal. The new barn is set to debut in Spring 2020. Stay tuned for updates!

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