Internet Trolls Strike Again

The internet is a mean, mean place. The ultimate mean girl these days is Instagram, where body-shamers and trolls feel the need to comment on anything and everything. This time, actress Olivia Munn is under fire for what followers are calling ‘cottage cheese’ thighs.

In a post on Instagram with the caption ‘xo,’ Olivia posted a picture of herself sitting in a chair with her legs crossed. Yes, there are a few barely-there bumps on the back of one of her thighs, but who doesn’t have that? Cue the trolls, who apparently are all perfect and have no body issues at all, right?

One man wrote, “Cottage cheese,” and another told her “that’s why photoshop was created.”

Olivia Dunn- Instagram

According to the Mayo Clinic, cellulite is a common problem for most women, and they estimate that between 80 and 90 percent have some degree on our bodies.

While the haters body-shamed, many more came to Dunn’s defense and called the trolls out for being “rude” and “classless.” Dunn, on the same post, commented, “what woman doesn’t have cellulite?? It’s not gona stop me from posting a pic.” Good for her. People are horrible and should know how to behave.

Would you ever make a negative, body-shaming comment on a celebrities page?

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