Could Disney’s New Party Pass Be a Trick Or Is It A Treat?

I was looking for more information on the new $299 pass to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and I ran across a very interesting article on USA Today about whether or not this new pass is a good idea. Let me explain.

One of the major perks that going to the ticketed events Disney offers is reduced crowds and wait times. Disney purposely limits the tickets that are available on a given night to keep attendance low. According to USA today, “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is popular – many nights sell out – but its appeal rests largely on out-of-towners staying at one of the resort’s more than two dozen hotels or local young families who make the event a one-time holiday ritual.”

With this new pass, passholders can attend 35 of the 36 parties in 2019. If thousands of these passes are sold, how will Disney be able to limit the crowds and continue to offer the shorter-than-usual wait times? Will it still be as favorable an offering as it had in the past or will the potential increase in crowds keep some gusts away?

For me, I’m willing to pay the extra money to attend these ticketed events to purposely avoid the crowded park days. I hope that Disney uses this year as an experiment and listens to the feedback that party goers give. We’ll be attending our first MNSSHP next month and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the crowd won’t be too crazy! I’ll report back and let you know what I think after we go!

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