Perfect Disney Pumpkins

Every year I scour the internet looking for the perfect Disney template to use to carve our pumpkins. I scoop out the guts and spend hours perfecting my designs with the mini saw that goes crooked if you saw too hard. You know, the ones that come in the little kit you can get? Yeah, that one.

2018 pumpkins I carved

In flies Target; cape, mask, and a big T on their chest, to save the day! No more mess. No more tedious carving. That’s right. This year, they are releasing no-carve pumpkins highlighting favorite Disney films like Cinderella and Nightmare Before Christmas.

Photo: Target

How do they work? So simple. Using the paint provided, apply a coat to the pumpkin (not provided) and let it dry. Once it’s dry, pop in the pieces that will immediately transform your pumpkin. Unfortunately, these parts don’t light up, but I think I can make that sacrifice for the beauty and ease this kit gives me.

The kits sell for $10, which is very reasonable since the pieces are reusable year after year. As if I needed another reason to love Target.

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