Controversy has surrounded the new live action The Little Mermaid movie for the last few months. It started when Halle Bailey was announced as Ariel, which lead to many on social media using the hashtag #notmyariel because, well, they wanted a white, red-head to fill the role. Then came news that Melissa McCarthy was cast to play Ursula. More fans booed. The final straw was Harry Styles, former One Direction heartthrob, would play the role of Prince Eric, and The Little Mermaid loyalists revolted.

The film, set to be directed by Rob Marshall, is scheduled to begin production in January in the Caribbean and is expected to be released in 2020. Alan Menken, who is best known for his scores for films produced by Walt Disney Studios, is working on updating the soundtrack. Javier Bardem, Jacob Trimblay, and Awkwafina are also said to be in talks to get roles as King Triton, Flounder, and Scuttle, respectively.

Yesterday, word came out that Harry Styles was, in fact, cast as Prince Eric, to much chagrin. While fans of Styles were campaigning to get him in the role, others were doubting his acting ability. This morning, we wake up to news that although Harry ‘is a fan of the project’ respectfully declined the role, so his fans won’t get their wish after all.

Now that Harry has declined the role, who do you think should be cast as Prince Eric? I’d love to hear your opinion!

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