Bravo Recap #5

Another great, fun-filled week of Bravo TV! Here are my thoughts on what went on.

Southern Charm (Charleston) – Lawd Kathryn is in love again. Didn’t she just break-up with the older guy? Time to move on I guess.

Austen needs to stop listening to Shep and Craig and do what feels right to him when it comes to Madison. If they can move past their past issues then maybe it will work. I just don’t see it as being a healthy relationship myself. Shep just needs to be the bigger person and stay away from spreading rumors.

The fox hunt looks really neat, especially since no animals were hurt. I love a good southern tradition. The girls turned out with their looks for the hunt.

The horses and hounds weren’t the only thing on the hunt. Not long after Kathryn arrived, Ashley tracked her down and attempted an apology, which, like the rest of us, Kathryn saw through. Ashley is nuttier than squirrel shit in my opinion. She needs to just go away, but I have a feeling she keeps showing up in hopes to get a role on the show. Please Bravo don’t do that!

Austen, once again, attempts to apologize to Shep to no avail. Shep needs to grow up and let it go.

Next episode should be interesting. Looks like Ashley shows up uninvited to Patricia’s house. I wonder how that will go for her.

Real Housewives of Potomac – Right off the bat Gizelle is stirring the pot again with Ashley. When will she learn? Now to get to the important part. All of the charges against Michael were dropped. Who else believes that he paid off that cameraman to make all of this go away? He’s so creepy and I can’t think of anything else when I look at him!

Monique plays a super mean joke on Chris when she acted like her water broke. He ended up calling 911 to get her assistance when she tells him she’s fine. That was just wrong.

Speaking of wrong, Katie is once again a mess. I’m not sure what she’s doing with those wigs, but it’s not working for her. Maybe Karen can help straighten it out. Oh, and while we’re talking about straightening things out, Maybe Gizelle and Robyn should keep their mouths shut instead of throwing Monique under the bus when it came to her comments about Candiace. I swear the two of them are always up to something!

Southern Charm (New Orleans) – This episode was very drama free. On their trip to Destin, there was a dance-off between the guys and girls. Who do you think won? Tamica decides to do a vow renewal. My first thought on this… she’s doing it now to overshadow Reagan’s upcoming wedding. The guys go fishing and the girls go to the spa. Snoozeville. The vow renewal went off without a hitch and I’ll admit I did get a little teary. The pictures were gorgeous. Reagan’s big day is up next. Will Jeff show up?

Below Deck Mediterranean – Hannah, June. Hannah, June. Hannah, June. Wait, she doesn’t understand her name? What a revelation in your 20’s! Not sure how June thinks Hannah is being to hard on her when she doesn’t answer the radio, is constantly on her phone, can’t remember anything, and is just all around awkward and unfriendly.

In another unfriendly incident, baseball star Johnny Damon and his wife almost come to blows with a neighboring yacht owner from Norway who boards Siricco uninvited. Joao steps in and handles the situation with kudos from Capt. Sandy, who is a badass in her own right for docking that motor yacht in such a small slip! I was nervous for her watching it.

The episode ends with the charter guest bashing the food served on the ship. I think Anastasia’s issue with the lobsters just threw off her whole game, which leads me to ask. Will she be returned to 3rd stew and a new chef brought on? We’ll see!

Real Housewives of Orange County – They’re back! The OG’s of the OC! My favorite of all the franchise too! Let me start by saying that Shannon looks amazing and I’m happy she is final happy with herself. She’s not the only one who changed her look. From what I’m seeing, Gina’s face may be a bit different. Was it just me? She may have had a few doctors visits….

She’s not the only one who’s been to the doctor. Kelly has a new man who is a plastic surgeon. I hope she’s in it for the right reasons.

I wonder why Tamara had to move AGAIN. Can we say pretensious? And then to hop around the kitchen about her new country club membership. My head hurts from the eyerolls. On a side note, political views should never separate a family.

Over the years and shows, we’ve seen some dick husbands, but Shane has to be one of the biggest. I hate the way he talks to Emily, and to have to completely remove himself from the household to study for the bar isn’t reasonable. I hope Emily puts her legal skills to use soon and kicks him to the curb.

After her divorce, it seems Gina was ‘self- medicating’ and got herself into a little trouble. Everyone makes mistakes and I won’t hold it against her. I just hope she learned her lesson.

The funniest part of the episode was Kelly and her daughter going to look for a ‘farro’ cat in the baby poop Mercedes G Wagon. That and the lady answering the phone with a meow. Odd. Kelly then gets a nice pair of earrings from her boyfriend in the most awkward exchange ever. I didn’t want to be in the room!

Can’t wait to see what this season brings! Queue the party with Vicki!

That’s the recap for this week! Can’t wait to see what next week brings! Cheers!

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