The ‘Toxic’ Internet

After a recent trip to Disneyland, Britney Spears, a former Mouseketeer, received some toxic feedback from her followers after posting picture on Instagram with her sons. In the photo, Spears is donning a simple yellow sundress and wedge sandals with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. No big deal, right? According to some, that’s the problem.

The photos, taken by papparazzi while Britney was visiting the park, made their way over to The Daily Mail, where viewers of the pics are slamming her for her appearance. One user wrote, “Britney needs a makeover, pushing 40 and still wearing ratty hair extensions and teenage dresses.” Another wrote that Britney is “Still dressing like a teenager….not a good look for a woman her age.”

If those comments weren’t bad enough, one of the most popular comments was from a user who seemed confused by the whole look, saying “I don’t get how she works out so much and looks slim on her IG but in real life she looks nothing like that. She has so much money and can have the best clothes and har but she rather be disheveled.” Others have said she needs a stylist and needs to have her mental health checked. Wow!

One of the comments that hit home for me is the one about her dress in relation to her age. My opinion? If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Good for her for rocking a mini-dress! Even more kudos for wearing wedges to Disney for an entire day, because I certainly couldn’t do that!

I understand that being a public figure can be cause for constant criticism, but to what end? We have children (and adults for that matter) trying to keep up with unrealistic standards because they see photoshopped pictures on the internet and read the comments. Why do people feel the need to be so mean? There is nothing I hate more than a keyboard warrior. Don’t say anything on the internet that you wouldn’t say to someone in person.

If you take anything from this, please be nice to others, both online and in person. Keep your negativity to yourself and help to make the world a kinder place.

What do you think about the feedback Britney got? Let me know in the comments. As for me, I refer back to the infamous 2016 Chris Crocker YouTube video and say, LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

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