Bravo Recap #4

Forgive me for skipping a week. I got a little behind and didn’t want to post stuff that was out of date.

Another great, drama-filled week of Bravo TV! Here are my thoughts on what went on.

Southern Charm (Charleston) – Well, Whitney took his ball and went home it seems. After being called out by Craig the previous night for the way he was treating Kathryn, Whitney decided to head home instead of staying for the rest of the trip. I understand Cameron leaving because she has a baby at home, but Whitney just acts like a baby.

What in the world did Madison do? She opened a box she shouldn’t have with Shep, and now she’s hurt so many people in the process. Yes, she did actually say that Shep gave Danni an STD. Good lawd girl. I get that you want to hurt Shep for calling you trashy, but your actions are just proving what he said to be true. Some things need to stay a secret! To make it worse, she spoke horribly to Danni when asked about it even though Danni has stuck up for her. Yeah, she’s an ass.

Who do you think is right in the argument between Shep and Austen? They both make valid points, and after seeing Madison’s behavior in Colorado, I’m leaning more towards Shep. Let me know who’s side you’re on.

Real Housewives of Potomac – So, the charges were dropped against Michael due to insufficient evidence. Then he goes on the new to proclaim his innocence and clear his name. I still think he’s guilty. I love how Gizelle eats popcorn while she watches the interview. One new thing I heard during his interview is that he does admit to ‘bumping into’ the cameraman. That’s new! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what comes of that.

Monique and Ashley meet, and Monique spills the tea and has receipts. Mercy! She’s stirring the pot but what’s new for that group.

Oh, and for the record, Katie’s wig is a mess. Again. Seems like the theme for the season with her.

Let’s talk about sausage. Who is the owner of the sausage? Robyn doesn’t want to say, but I think it’s Juan myself. Tell me who you think it is. While on the subject of Juan, that’s one hell of a birthday party! I need a party like that.

Oh. Shit. Footage! Camera footage that gives a glimpse into what happened! Who was the woman standing there? I have so many questions!

Southern Charm (New Orleans) – Ahhhhh. Leave it to Tamica to get things stirred up. I think she lives for drama. Poor Jeff. The timing of all of this couldn’t have been worse. And to have Reagan tell Jeff that it was unfair of him to throw his Friendsgiving totally floored me. She can run around and get engaged and pregnant, all while throwing it in his face, and he needs her permission to have friends over to his house. Bitch please. Stay in your lane for once.

I’ll be honest, Barry making decisions about their children on his own and not even discussing them with Tamica is wrong. Decisions like that should be a mutual unless one parent isn’t available, and an immediate decision has to be made. That clearly wasn’t the case in this situation. I do love the advice Barry gives his son at the end of the episode. He’s 100% spot on about all of it!

Next up is Jon’s show and wow! I got chills watching it! Such an important message to share and the way it was presented definitely left you thinking. Oh, and once again Tamica causes drama……Will she and Reagan ever recover?

Below Deck Mediterranean – We still don’t know what happened to the cutlery. Will we ever? After a fun night out, Jack makes a total asinine comment to Aesha and ruined the evening. I was happy to see his remorse because I think this is the first thing on the show he hasn’t made a joke about.

Travis and Jack are both slackers for continuing to stay in their cabin and drink instead of handling the alarm, even after Capt. Sandy told them too. Jack goes off the boat to smoke and I’m not sure what Travis ended up doing. Worthless. Because Travis had been drinking already, he lost his date with Hannah after she cancelled on him.

The new charter guests arrive and I’m not sure who’s more pretentious and obnoxious; the Queen as she called herself or the guy in the blue shirt that won’t stop talking. I think he likes to hear himself more than anyone else likes to hear him.

Speaking of talking, anyone else notice that June never puts down her phone? She is on it constantly. I’ve never seen a 3rd stew on their phone like that. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen any of the crew on their phone that much. She then has the nerve to complain that no one respects her. Really? She’s been distant from the rest of the crew since she boarded and doesn’t give honest answers when they try to get to know her. I don’t think she’ll last the rest of the season.

Preview for the next episode…. Is Ben coming back to the kitchen after Anastasia fails to wow the guests? I hope so!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – And so it comes to an end and we still can’t get rid of Camille. I don’t know why she’s been the focus of almost 2 episodes because she’s not a main cast member. She just needs to go away. She’s a liar who conveniently has memory issues. She doesn’t apologize for being a total asshole to Denise about losing her ‘rental’ house. I really hope they don’t bring her back next season.

Watching how these women travel is amazing. Definite travel goals…that will never happen, but one can dream!

Seeing the montage with Lisa and Kyle over the years was sad. I know they are angry right now but I’m hoping time will heal all wounds. Having a season without Lisa will be different for sure. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

That’s the recap for this week! Can’t wait to see what next week brings! Cheers!

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