Team Chocolate or Team Peanut Butter?

What is it that makes Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups so delicious? Is it the chocolate, peanut butter, or combination of the two? In a new partnership, doughnut brand Krispy Kreme has teamed up with Reese’s to satisfy both sides of the fence with a new creation!

Krispy Kreme, just in time for back-to-school, has released doughnuts inspired by our favorite peanut butter candy. The Reese’s Original Filled Chocolate Lovers is a chocolate glazed doughnut filled with Reese’s peanut-butter flavored creme that is then dipped in chocolate fudge and decorated with a peanut butter drizzle.

The Reese’s Original Filled Peanut Butter Lovers doughnut is also a chocolate glazed doughnut that is filled with chocolate-peanut butter cream, dipped in Reese’s peanut butter icing and then topped with chocolate drizzle.

The doughnuts hit Krispy Kreme stores on August 5th so mark your calendar and make sure you gets your hands on this duo! To make it easier, they created a new two-pack box so you can try both! How excited are you to try these new flavors?

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