What’s In Season?

It’s August and the farmers markets in my area are still in full swing. I get my bags and head out every Sunday morning on a quest for the freshest, tastiest produce I can find. To be honest, I don’t always know what’s in season when. I know its tomato season here, so that’s good, but what else is good in August?

It’s always smart to check to see what’s in season in your area as it does differ by section of the country you are in. Here’s a quick look at what’s in season in August!

One thing I have noticed at some markets around here is produce I know is out of season showing up as ‘fresh from the farm.’ I, for one, know that broccoli is a fall veggie, so seeing it in August seems a little off to me, like maybe they had their produce delivered by a truck that morning instead of picked fresh. The best advice I can offer is to know your farmer. Ask questions about the produce because if they grew it, they should be able to answer.

What is your favorite summertime farmers market find?

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