Bravo Recap #3

Another great, fun-filled week of Bravo TV! Here are my thoughts on what went on.

Southern Charm (Charleston) – Talk about Rocky Mountain high! As the trip in Colorado comes to a close, the crew wraps things up with a marijuana-infused dinner, once again leaving Kathryn high and dry. Well, may not high. Prior to the dinner, half of the crew attempts to make it down the mountain while the other half shredded it. Kathryn showed up for her ski lesson looking like a character from Star Trek. Don’t get me wrong, she was rocking it, but maybe the wrong show. Skiing is not my sport, so I understand the struggle! Funny thing, I think this may have been the most bleeped episode ever!

And speaking of bleeps, Naomi got an unexpected call from Ashley and actually agreed to meet her. I don’t think there is enough Rose to get through this. I was awkward and Ashley is full of it. I don’t think I will ever like her. I tried.

We’ve been watching the saga of Austen and Madison all season. Craig and Shep are strongly against the relationship and Madison finally has the chance to address it with both of them. Boy did she! I agree that they need to stay out of their relationship and see what happens. Mind ya business boys!

While we are talking about addressing issues, Kathryn picks the worst time to once again bring up Whitney, and Craig the martyr swoops in and tries to save the day, which just leads to another awkward conversation between Kathryn and Whitney.

Admittedly, the shenanigans at dinner were hilarious. Would you do a dinner like this?

Real Housewives of Potomac – Finally! Finally Ashley admits to having daddy issues. Who can blame her given her situation, but seeing Michael as a father figure and a husband is a little creepy to me.

Michael, in general, is a little creepy to me. I 1000% believe that he touched that cameraman and the fact that Chris was called as a witness but claims to have seen nothing is weird. I think he saw something but didn’t want to get involved. I also think a camera caught it but Monique didn’t want to get involved. Who can blame them? I wouldn’t want to be associated with that kind of mess either!

Speaking of messes, Candiace and her mother. While Candiace seems open to fix their relationship, her mother is can’t stop the jabs. Will they ever be in a good place? It’s a shame to see their relationship in such a sad state.

Another relationship in a sad state is Gizelle and her kids. The didn’t give her high scores when she asked them to rate her. She’s too busy building her business and getting in everyone else’s business to spend time with her kids (only 1 soccer game this season…really?). She needs a work life balance.

While on the subject of kids, Robyn tells her longtime hair stylist that Juan wants another baby and is hoping for a girl. Good idea or not? It reminds me of those people that think a baby will fix their relationship. Does she think a baby will make Juan marry her again? I guess we’ll see.

Southern Charm (New Orleans) – I was so hopeful and excited to see Jeff out and about getting ready for his Friendsgiving. All of the planning, hiding it from Reagan, food prep, help from Benny Poppins, and time he put into it was flushed in one brief moment. Why Doug chose to tell Jeff BEFORE the dinner about Reagan’s pregnancy is beyond me. If he was a true friend, he’d have known how Jeff would react and chosen another, more private time break the news. I really felt sorry for Jeff and understand his reaction, though it was a little abrupt.

Apparently, Barry and Tamica’s son got a speeding ticket on the Pontchartrain Bridge. This led to Barry telling a story about getting thrown in jail over mistaken identity and left there for 13 hours when he was younger. The topic of race and law enforcement comes up again. Like Jon said, not all cops are bad but there are some. Same with many other professions too!

Am I the only one that thinks Reece is a complete moron? I can’t with him. He can’t paint much less spell. I hate the way he talks to Reagan and honestly think Reagan is using him to get away from Jeff. I hope she doesn’t regret the decisions she’s making!

Below Deck Mediterranean – What happened to the cutlery? Dun, dun, duuuuuunnnnn! Was it taken out on purpose or just missed? I’m not sure. Anyone else think June is a little off? I’ve said that since she joined the cast and this week confirmed it. Her boyfriend story keeps changing, she won’t take a selfie with the boys, she complains about everything, and she’s throwing up for an unknown reason. Then queue the tears!

After a cryfest, the primary charter guest ends up giving June a $30,000 butterfly ring. I get that losing someone you love is painful and hard, but I’m not sure the conversation with the primary should have taken place. Not very professional. What do you think?

Poor Joao has his hands full with Jack, who admits to being lazy and is proud of it. While he brings some fun to the crew, he really needs to start pulling his weight before they make him walk the plank.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion part 2! Let me start by asking this. Why is Camille still here? Although she’s once again a no show, Lisa V proves to be a hypocrite with flashbacks to her comments on Adrienne, and once again, it’s confirmed that John Blizzard took the fall for Lisa.

There was quite a conversation that happened surrounding looks and plastic surgery. I’m not against plastic surgery at all. People should do what they need to do to feel better about themselves. I’m glad I don’t live in a place that weighs so heavy on appearance. The pressure we put on ourselves is enough, but to have so many others judging you would be difficult. Amelia, Lisa R’s daughter, made a huge statement this year when she admitted to having an eating disorder. I do wonder what role Lisa’s own body issues played in Amelia’s issues as Lisa has been seen passing on food and constantly working out in most of the seasons she’s been on. It’s a constant struggle for her it seems.

While we’re on the subject of Lisa, what did you think her portrayal of Erika Jayne? Why did Kyle and Teddi feel the need to make it an issue and drag Erika through the mud over it, again? Move on!

So back to Camille, she further proves that she wants to be on the show. Kyle was a bridesmaid so her wedding would be aired. She admitted it was all for production purposes. She’s such a hypocrite and when things get tough, she pulls the dramatic walk out. Looks like the crocodile tears are up next.

Real Housewives of New York –Finally! Someone other than me admits that Luann cannot sing! She couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket! I’m glad the others got to release that too! What do you think about Luann this season? Was she too full of herself? Was her issue with the fish room valid? Would you have a problem sleeping in the fish room?

We did get some insight this season into Ramona, which may explain her behavior a little. Nah, she’s still an asshole and there’s no excuse for her behavior. On the behavior front, what was up with Sonja his season? Her drinking got a little out of hand a few times. Does she have an issue?

Besides rubbing shimmer and spray tan off of Barbara, this whole reunion series has been boring. Normally I’m all about a reunion, but this one has let me down. What about you?

I have to bring up a new reality show I am slightly obsessed with, and by obsessed, I mean I binge watched the season this weekend non-stop. Love Island! Is anyone else watching?

That’s the recap for this week! Can’t wait to see what next week brings! Cheers!

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