Bravo Recap #2

Another great, fun-filled week of Bravo TV! Here are my thoughts on what went on.

Southern Charm (Charleston) – I hate to keep coming down on Craig, but oh. my. goodness he’s a mess! He’s like a toddler that throws a temper tantrum. To act like that in public, much less an airport, I was embarrassed for him! On a side note, who else thinks this pillow business is all fluff (see what I did there)? Who pays $75 for a decorative pillow anyway?

Speaking of fluff…Whitney. I know he’s very high and mighty, but I can’t figure out why he can’t just admit he hooked up with Kathryn? We all know that he did! I felt awkward watching that whole lunch! Didn’t you?

I do feel for Kathryn and the situations they put her in on this Colorado trip. Marijuana dispensary and a champagne gun? She has struggled so much with her life choices and her friends should be a little more respectful. I’m not saying don’t have fun, I’m just saying don’t throw it in her face.

While we’re on the subject of throwing things in people’s faces, let’s talk about poor Austen. I feel like he wants to please ‘his boys’ all while denying what he’s truly feeling. I honestly think Shep and Craig don’t want Austen & Madison together because they are jealous. Shep can’t hold a relationship longer than a night and Craig is still commiserating over his failed relationship with Naomi. They do say misery loves company and that seems to be the case here. I guess we’ll have to keep watching to see if Austen & Madison end up back together or not….

Real Housewives of Potomac – I told you this was the juiciest of all the franchises and this week didn’t disappoint! Hoe’s go down at the hoedown hosted by Katie! I have to admit that, while Katie and Ashely were shopping for the party, I thought Katie was dressed up in a disguise. That wig was a mess! She needs to take some advice from Karen on how to straighten a wig!

Karen…girl there is no way you are going to ride that motorcycle with Ray on the back. My husband rides a motorcycle for a living and is also an instructor. Seeing the way that guy was teaching Karen made me cringe! She’s an accident waiting to happen on that bike!

Let’s get to the bottom of this episode. Another Michaelgate! This time, Michael is being accused of sexual assault for touching a cameraman’s butt at Monique’s house during the rainbow party. In previous seasons, we have heard Michael talk about his urge to touch the buttocks of another man, so how are we not to believe that this really happened? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and he’s looking a little charred! How Ashley keeps believing that he’s innocent is beyond me! Of course, Michaelgate was brought up by Ashely at the hoedown with a lot of legal disclaimers and things she couldn’t discuss. I think the group is finding it hard to continue to support her decision to defend Michael and I can’t blame them!

In her first big girl move of the season, Candiace issued a blanket apology for her behavior at her dinner party. When Gizelle tells her that the real apology should be to Ashley, it leads to another immature interaction between the two. This just further proves to me that Candiace is a brat. If every interaction you have leads to an argument, maybe you should look at yourself because you are the problem. Ashley and Karen have a bit of a heated exchange about Michaels current situation. After all that Ashley has meddled in over the past few seasons, it looks like Karma may be knocking at her door!

Southern Charm (New Orleans) – I’m just going to state the obvious here. Kelsey is a saint. She has been patient, lived with Justin’s parents while their home was being renovated, puts up with his friends, and he still can’t make a permanent commitment? Appears that he wants his cake and eat it too! I’m not one for ultimatums, but she needs to lay it on the line once and for all!

While we’re on the topic of commitments, are shotgun weddings still a thing? Apparently to Reagan and Reese’s families they are! Getting married because you are having a baby is no reason for getting married! I think this isn’t going to end well…

Hopefully things do end well for Jeff. I’m happy to see that he’s getting help. He’s completely broken and needs to take some time to get himself together and back in a good place. I hope he sticks with it and stops running.

Question for this episode: Who talks about themselves more? Tamica or Reagan? Post your answer in the comments!

Below Deck Mediterranean – All hail the Queen! No, not really, but I’ll get into that in a few. If anyone deserves a crown, it’s Anastasia, who’s killing it in the galley! She has an integral role to fill on these charters, so when Joao makes a snide comment, she has a right to be pissed.

Speaking of Joao, Jezabob makes an unexpected, disgusting return when Joao, at dinner & a club, goes in on both Anastasia and Aesha, one for being worried about being chef and the other for ‘whorish behavior’. Whose behavior is worse here? He then goes on an apology tour and the girls were quick to forgive.

The enters June, the new 3rd stew to replace Anastasia. She seems ok, but I agree with Hannah that something is a little off. Jury is still out for me, but Colin is immediately smitten (insert heart eyed emoji here) mostly because it’s the one person on the boat that he can understand.

Let’s talk about this Queen of Versailles. That woman was just pretentious and to me, very off putting. She’s immediately upset because no one has unpacked her bags (having Ramona flashbacks), the fact that the boat has stairs, pretty much everything. Get over yourself lady! And before anyone says she paid a lot of money for the charter; they are offered at a discount for appearing on the show. The most disturbing part of the charter was the fact that she wanted blow-up dolls at her stepsons’ birthday celebration. Say what? That’s just beyond weird!

For someone who complained about stairs on the boat, she makes the crazy decision to have lunch on Eze, which is on the top of a mountain. A mountain! With steps to get there! Pardon me while I facepalm. After shlepping the supplies up, it’s quickly realized that there is no cutlery, even though June assured Hannah that all the provisions had been packed. Uh-oh! What’s worse is that Capt. Sandy has allowed the crew left on the boat to have a fun day! No radios required so when they try to call back to the yacht, no one answers. I wonder what backlash June will face for this.

On the bright side, at least we get to see a double date!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion part 1! Time for all the hidden secrets to be revealed. Let me just say that Kyle and Lisa Rinna are the ‘highlight’ of the show (yes, the color of their dresses really stands out). As we all suspected, Lisa V. didn’t show up, but alledgedly went to Radar Online to quit instead of speaking with Andy directly. Interesting seeing how she called Adrienne out after she failed to show up at a reunion a few years ago. Hypocrisy at it’s finest! Like Erika said, come down from the cross we need the wood!

No surprise, however, that Camille made an appearance. Like I said, she’s trying to get a spot back on the show. She was visibly nervous and rightfully so given how much she’s run her mouth this season. Oh! Anyone else think Lisa R.’s top lip looks larger than it had?

Let’s talk about Denise for a second. I love her! I loved her this whole season! The way she is with her daughters is amazing and she has created a sense of normalcy after such turmoil. I think her husband is also amazing. The only thing I’m not sure of is the happy ending. Would you ever do that or let your husband (or soon-to-be husband) do that?

Lastly, this poor dog. Who is at fault? Is John Blizzard taking the wrap to protect Lisa V? Teddi for bringing the whole thing to light? What do you think?

Real Housewives of New York – Zzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, that was me sleeping during the 2nd part of the reunion. It really was a snooze fest! We all know that Ramona is an ass and was an ass for the whole season. We know that Tinsley is needy and needs to learn to be more independent. Funny thing is, Tinsley and I are from the same place, well, except she had buttloads of money. I do understand what she’s talking about when referring to being raised in the South. In families like hers, there are major expectations to live up to and she hasn’t done such a good job.

The only other thing that came up was LuAnn’s sobriety. I don’t know what her situation is, but I do think some time out of the spotlight might be good for her. Between the show filming and the cabaret, it’s got to be a lot of pressure to be perfect or portray perfection the best she can. So, if LuAnn ever reads this, talk some time for yourself!

That’s the recap for this week! Can’t wait to see what next week brings! Cheers!

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