Bravo Recap #1

Oh, what a week of reality TV it has been! It’s time for my first Bravo recap, with a few other shows sprinkled in for fun! In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge Bravo TV junkie! My Bravo addiction started with Top Chef and expanded from there. Now, I watch almost every show on the network religiously and have for quite a few years now. My husband hates the drama, so I usually catch them On Demand the day after they air. I’ll be sharing my opinion of the shows & the people on them weekly. If you don’t watch the shows, this may not make any sense to you, but feel free to catch up! Let’s jump right in!

Southern Charm (Charleston) – Anyone else over Craig this season? I honestly think the only things he brought back from his soul search in the Bahamas was eye liner and nail polish! Anyone watching last season would know that his relationship with Naomi was doomed, now he just needs to realize it! I digress.

Eliza holds a brunch at her family’s estate. The property is gorgeous! Everyone is happy until the devil, I mean Ashley, shows up. I didn’t care for her at all last season, and she didn’t disappoint on this episode either! At first, I thought she was just getting a bad rap and that Thomas just had that effect on her, but boy was I wrong. She has a forked tongue like no other and isn’t afraid to use it. The way she walked into that party and thought everyone would just forgive her floored me. She’s a villain, and not the Disney type villain.

An upcoming trip to Colorado could be eventful. Plus, we’ll see if Whitney will finally admit to a fling with Kathryn!

Real Housewives of Potomac – This, in my opinion, is the most underrated of the Housewives series, but is the juiciest of them all! These ladies invented shade and the most recent episode didn’t disappoint. I will say that Gizelle has the biggest pot-stirring spoon I’ve ever seen and while she leads the others to believe she’s trying to ‘make it right,’ she’s just causing more drama and making situations worse! She totally threw Robyn under the bus when it came to the comment allegedly made by Ashley’s husband.

Speaking of Ashley’s husband, his comments and patterns of behavior in previous seasons leads me to believe he did make that comment that and both Robyn and Candiace are right in what they heard. Whether he meant it or not, I believe he said it. I’m not one to judge and honestly don’t care what his sexual preference is. My concern is for Ashley and what her future might be with him (and pending baby).

Candiace… Girlfriend needs to get it together. Leave your momma’s nest and spread your wings girl! Be the wife that Chris needs, not the little girl who lets her mom walk all over her. She also needs to not let Ashley get to her so much. We all know that Ashley loves to hit below the belt (maybe her husband does too 😊) when things get heated and she purposely says things she knows are a sore spot for the person she’s arguing with.

On a side note, who else wanted to be there tasting that food Chris made? I was trying not to lick the TV!

Southern Charm (New Orleans) – Is it just me, or does Reagan need to seriously PUMP THE BRAKES? I understand that her marriage wasn’t the best, but she sure did move full speed into the next relationship. There aren’t a ton of things I agree with Tamica on, but I do agree that she had no time to heal or figure herself out. She jumped from one bad relationship to what could be another (totally basing that off some comments her new beau has made this season so far).

On the most recent episode, Justin and Kelsey hosted a housewarming party in their beautiful home, which quickly turns into disaster when Tamica tries to get Jeff to admit he’s not happy with the current Reagan situation. Tamica can’t stand not pushing and pushing and pushing to get whatever answer she thinks she wants. When asked to take it down a notch by Kelsey, Tamica continues to be disrespectful to Kelsey, as she usually is, and was asked to leave. To top it off, Jeff had a little too much to drink and was rolling around like a crazy person in the yard. I think Jeff and alcohol need to break up for a while, especially after he ran off and disappeared for over 2 hours while on a date.  Alcohol is a definite trigger for him and until he can get his emotions under control, it’s best that he probably avoids it. My heart goes out to him and all that he’s going through. I do hope he comes out of this for the better in all of this.

Below Deck Mediterranean – Loving this season so far! The cast they have is the most fun and they have the best camaraderie I’ve seen on any other season. Aesha is my all-time fave so far, with her dirty comments and witty humor. Her attitude is very refreshing on a cast that can be a little dry.

While we’re talking about attitude, thank goodness Capt. Sandy fired Mila. I could tell from the first episode that she couldn’t cook. The big question is whether Anastasia can step up to the plate and continue to knock it out of the park. The other question is how the new 3rd stew will fit in with the rest of the crew. We shall see!

Anyone else hoping Travis and Hannah have a little fling?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Holy finale Batman! Camille came out with guns blazing! Let me just say that I think she was so fiery this season because she wants to get her spot back on the show. Hard pass for me. I loved how Denise stood up to her and took no sh*t! She as a nice addition to the show this season! Can we just talk about Erika for a minute? That woman is the epitome of style. I get that she is rolling in money and has a glam squad, but she brings it with every outfit from head to toe! No one can wear sweatpants like her! Wonders to self if I can pull of a pink wig

Since the season wrapped up, I’m curious as to what everyone thinks about the whole Lisa/Dorit/Teddy/dog situation. Who is right and who is wrong? Personally, I think Dorit handled the dog surrender all wrong. She should have just taken the dog back to Lisa. Teddy was wrong for even getting involved and stirring the pot. Lisa had a right to be mad about the situation but getting other to do her dirty work is downright low. The big question now is…Will Lisa Vanderpump show up for the reunion?

Real Housewives of New York – Reunion time! Time to air out all the dirty laundry! First, let me say that Bethany had a rough season. She went through so much with the loss of Dennis and her ongoing court battle with her ex, Jason Hoppy (side note: who would have ever guessed how psycho this dude would be??). The reunion seemed doomed from the start. Ramona trips, almost damaging her new teeth, Sonja is pulling her face skin back with tape, Dorinda proudly announces her dress designer…it was a hot mess. The rest of the episode pretty much revolves around Dorinda, Bethany, and Luann arguing. There is very little interaction from the rest of the ladies. Luann admits, finally, that she had a ‘bit’ of a big head this season. I swear I should go back and watch the season over and make a drinking game with the word cabaret? Can’t wait to hear the ladies respond to Andy asking them what they think of Luann’s singing and Barbara’s spray tan!

That’s the recap for this week! Can’t wait to see what next week brings! Cheers!

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